Promote follow-up activities after webinars

Monday, January 7 2013

A webinar enables participants to build their expertise, but the meeting also offers valuable learning experiences for presenters. By providing follow-up activities for attendees, speakers can receive feedback from participants to improve future web gatherings.

The list below highlights a few of the post-webinar options web meeting presenters can use:

1. Surveys - With a short survey, attendees can answer questions about the presentation. Speakers can use open- and closed-ended questions to learn about how attendees viewed the webinar and ways it could potentially be improved.

2. Exercises - Encourage hands-on learning by providing practice exercises for attendees after a webinar. The problem sets help webinar speakers determine how well attendees understood the presentation's information. Meanwhile, participants can use the information they recently received in practical applications.

3. Quizzes - Evaluate the effectiveness of a presentation by asking audience members to complete quizzes. These examinations enable speakers to see if participants understood main themes and key concepts delivered in a presentation.

Speakers can also make webinar recordings available to attendees after web meetings to allow audience members to review presentations at any time.