Provide web conference training for workers

Tuesday, December 11 2012

Web conferencing programs are helpful for workers, but employees must fully understand how to set up and become involved in an online meeting. Thankfully, employers can offer hands-on web conferencing tutorials to show staff members how to regularly participate in web meetings.

Check out the following tips to teach workers how to use a web conferencing program.

1. Host a class - A qualified web conferencing professional can teach several employees at a time. These workers can receive step-by-step guidance about the benefits of web conferences and how to set up these meetings.

2. Provide printouts - Offer workers detailed printouts that they can take with them on the go. Additionally, business leaders may want to make these documents available online, so employees can access them from computers and mobile devices.

3. Offer ongoing assistance - Employees may have questions after a training course, and companies can employ IT professionals who can provide continuous support. Businesses can also make it easier to reach these web conferencing experts by allowing workers to contact them via phone calls or emails.