Pull an all-nighter with video conferencing

Tuesday, November 1 2011

It is difficult for students to organize themselves and find time for group projects. With all of the responsibilities that are expected of students in today's educational world, it is no wonder that individuals spend more time stressing than ever before.

Every student has encountered the problematic issue of one individual not being able to make a meeting, thus forcing the remaining members to work harder than they should have to. With video conferencing technology, students are able to connect with one another no matter their geographic location. Companies such as MegaMeeting assist schools in creating a 100 percent browser-based portal for students to visually interact while in various parts of the campus, city or country.

Video conferencing can help eliminate miscommunication and errors that typically drag group projects down. Furthermore, the technology allows students to continue to work even after library or community workplaces close for the night. It creates a whole new meaning for working all night, especially considering that it can be done while in bed.

Video Conferencing providers such as MegaMeeting help to alter the traditional education methods that we have all grown accustomed to. Now learning can be done anywhere in the world with the assistance of the internet.