Recent federal webinar focused on biofuel

Friday, November 16 2012

Federal and state agencies have begun using video conferencing software more frequently to update American citizens on government activities. The American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE) became the latest bureau to use the technology when they recently held a webinar regarding biofuel.

The main focus of the conference was the fiscal cliff, a date in 2013 when tax and budgets cuts will go into effect, and how it may affect green energy industries. Eco-friendly companies typically receive tax breaks, and often the money that those businesses save on tax payments leads to further innovations in developing sustainable energy.

ACORE's senior vice president of policy and government relations Todd Foley said the fiscal cliff can affect the industry, but ultimately the deadline is meant to motivate Congress to change their policies and create a long-term economic plan.

Without web conferencing technology, information regarding possible taxes would not have been available until much later in the Congressional session. ACORE used their software to update the sustainable energy industry about policy changes that could affect how business is done.

The webinar highlights some of the benefits of video conferences. Instead of waiting for key data, people can be updated almost instantaneously.