Remote meetings simplify trial preparations

Wednesday, October 17 2012

When preparing for a trial, attorneys typically meet with their clients and witnesses to discuss questions and strategy. Lawyers take these steps to ensure their presentations run smoothly. Scheduling these meetings, however, is often difficult because clients may be too busy to commute to their lawyer's offices regularly.

Web conferencing technology streamlines the preparation for both parties. Attorneys, clients and witnesses can remotely speak with each other over an internet connection. These online meetings eliminate the logistical hassles involved with scheduling in-person meetings.

For clients, these video conferences can help them relax during preparations. It can be nerve-wracking to speak with an attorney in an unfamiliar setting, so staying at home and chatting with a lawyer online may benefit people before they go to trial.

Law firms can use collaboration software to speak with a greater amount of clients each day. Instead of scheduling multiple meetings that may take place in various locations, attorneys can stay in their offices while speaking to everyone they represent.

Video conferencing has many applications in the legal arena, but for trial preparations the technology can help practices ensure that their clients are ready.