SSA using video conferencing to connect with Hawaii residents

Monday, August 12 2013

Video conferencing technology allows people to connect with each other over long distances, and one government office has realized it can capitalize on this to extend services to residents in a remote location. According to Big Island Now, the Social Security Administration is using video conferencing to connect with people who live in West Hawaii.

Everyone who lives in the region will be allowed to go to the West Hawaii Civic Center on the second and fourth Thursday of every month in order to contact the SSA through video conferencing software. The initiative was made necessary when the SSA was forced to close its office in Kona due to financial concerns.

Businesses can learn a lesson from the SSA in this particular case. The government agency was unable to maintain its presence in an area so it implemented a solution that ensures everyone in that location can access necessary services.

Companies can replicate this strategy by using video conferencing technology after shutting down remote offices. If an enterprise is forced to shut down a branch, it can retain local clients by conducting digital meetings in lieu of face-to-face conversations. Ultimately, this is the best way for an organization to maintain its reach without operating multiple offices.