Salesforce to acquire DimDim web conferencing firm for $31 million

Monday, January 17 2011

Business professionals agree that video and web conferencing is the next big thing for corporations around the world. Now, Salesforce has acquired the web conferencing firm DimDim for a cool $31 million.

Salesforce, which incorporates a communication platform called "Chatter," plans to use DimDim's web conferencing capabilities to build a Facebook-style integration of communication and collaboration. The company is focused on creating a business environment in the "cloud computing" world that will allow enterprises to move some of their services into the cloud.

"Facebook has fundamentally changed the way we communicate in our personal lives," Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of Salesforce, said in a statement. "The acquisition of Dimdim will help deliver to the enterprise the same integrated collaboration and communication experience that made Facebook the world's most popular internet site."

For its part, DimDim has focused on developing real-time communication via the cloud without the need for software.

" gives us the opportunity to apply our expertise and align our vision of real-time, social enterprise software in the cloud - at a scale that wouldn't have been otherwise possible," explained DimDim CEO DD Ganguly.