Saving money with conferencing tools

Tuesday, July 24 2012

Sending an email isn't as effective as talking to someone in person, but when businesses are trying to find ways to consistently save money, they need to be able to find tools that still meet basic requirements without going over the limit of a budget. For that reason video conferencing calls are being used by more companies to meet both needs without handicapping productivity.

The economy has been on the decline since last 2007, and even with the market finally turning around, companies need to be cautious not to overreach before the turnaround is complete. Mass High Tech wrote that the Bureau of Transportation Statistics is still showing that gas prices and other travel rates are much higher than in the past, meaning this is a prime area for expenditure cuts for SMBs and large entities alike.

To facilitate collaboration tools and still remove travel time and costs, web meeting tools are coming more into play. The quality of this technology is constantly evolving and improving, making it a much more solid investment than constantly paying off travel vouchers for employees.

"Cost-conscious corporations still want to use HD video conferencing to improve collaboration and increase ROI on travel and technology investments," Greg Webb of Sabre Travel said in a Business Wire release. Online tools are making this need easier to fill for businesses of all sizes.