Schedule web conferences for attendees

Thursday, January 10 2013

A web meeting is ideal for participants to collaborate and share information, and a presenter should schedule the gathering at a date and time that works well for audience members. Web conferencing software makes it easy for speakers to host online gatherings, but presenters should consider several factors before they send invitations.

Check out the following list of aspects you should evaluate before scheduling a web conference.

1. Instructions - Accessing a web meeting may be challenging for inexperienced participants, and speakers can provide detailed instructions to help these attendees. Offer audience members information about how they can enter a web conference and encourage them to join the meeting a few minutes before it starts.

2. Time zone - Audience members may be located around the world, and moderators must find a time that is convenient for all participants. Ask attendees about the time zones in which they work if you are uncertain about the time differences. Additionally, specify your time zone in conference invitations to avoid confusion.

3. Contact information - Include details about who will be attending and a presenter's contact information. Participants who have scheduling conflicts can notify the speaker in advance via phone calls or emails.