Select an outfit for a video conference

Monday, December 24 2012

Many participants struggle with video conferencing etiquette, but these attendees can avoid difficulties by treating the meeting as they would a traditional face-to-face gathering. Additionally, video conference members can also dress for success and evaluate their clothing in advance.

Look professional during a video conference by checking out the following tips to determine exactly what to wear for a web meeting.

1. Avoid extremes - The bright orange suit sitting on a clothes hanger in the back of the closet should stay there if a video conference participant wants to look professional. Extremely bright or dark colors can sometimes be distracting, so avoid these hues if possible.

2. Consider the background - A video conference attendee's background can impact his or her appearance. Examine the color of the background before choosing an outfit and find clothing that blends in well with the setting.

3. Stay stylish and professional - Video conference participants can evaluate clothing as if they are attending a face-to-face meeting. The outfit reflects an attendee's personality, so every participant should find apparel that fits his or her style preferences and shows his or her professionalism.