Send check-in instructions for web meetings

Tuesday, February 5 2013

Web conferencing tools connect clients and employees online, but the equipment and software is only effective if participants can access a meeting. However, facilitators can provide plenty of information to attendees in advance to avoid such problems.

Check out the following tips for sending check-in instructions for a web meeting.

1. Confirm audience members' attendance - Make a list that includes who was invited to the gathering and who has RSVP'd. If you have yet to hear from specific parties, call or email these people to find out whether they will attend the conference. 

2. Prepare your instruction guides - It is simple to access a web meeting, but first-time attendees may get anxious when they use the software. Provide in-depth instructions and consider any concerns or questions that audience members may have when they are accessing a meeting. 

3. Deliver easy-to-understand emails - Checking into a web meeting may take less than a minute, and emailing instructions ensures that all participants can quickly review the guides and enter the gathering. Additionally, encourage attendees to sign in a few minutes before the conference to ensure that the equipment and software work properly.