Seniors using video conferencing software

Wednesday, June 12 2013

The purpose of installing video conferencing software is to streamline communication between distant contacts. The system is particularly beneficial for businesses that have clients and employees scattered around the globe, but the tool is also helpful for seniors who live alone and need to connect with their family members. 

The San Jose Mercury News recently reported that Kelly Ilnicki, a resident of Redwood City, California, called the paramedics when she saw her grandmother possibly displaying signs of a stroke

"I watched her fall over and, to be honest, I thought she'd had a mini-stroke. I was able to yell at her. We called the paramedics in Oceanside and they came to her house. I could hear the paramedics beating on the door," said Ilnicki. 

Seniors want to maintain their independence during their golden years, but that's not always feasible because of certain health concerns. If Ilnicki wasn't able to see her grandmother's actions, the problem may have worsened before medical professionals could arrive on the scene. 

Video conferencing software is simple and intuitive for all users, even seniors who don't have high levels of digital literacy. The programs can help families stay connected and ensure that everyone is safe.