Set up a camera for a video conference

Friday, December 21 2012

Video conferencing enables participants to speak with each other, but each attendee will need to set up a microphone in advance. Thankfully, the process is usually easy to follow and can be completed in minutes.

Review the following tips to set up a microphone for video conferencing.

1. Test the microphone - After the microphone is plugged in and the startup process is complete, test the device to ensure it is working properly.

Some software enables users to record their voices and play the recording back to allow them to hear how they sound. Take advantage if this option is available, as video conference participants can determine the ideal distance they should be from their microphones when they speak. Additionally, video conference participants should examine the microphone's functions to fully understand how to control the device during meetings.

2. Store the microphone in a safe place - Regardless of whether participants use desktop computers or mobile devices, these attendees should safely store their microphones. Find a place where the device will not be damaged so it stays in good condition and can be used anytime.