Shop online and meet store clerks via video conferencing

Thursday, November 17 2011

This holiday season, some stores may make shopping easier with video conferencing customer service methods.

Online shoppers at Lands' End can ask a customer service representative to try on jackets, hats or sweaters for them via video conferencing. A shopper curious about a certain scarf fabric can watch the store clerk as they describe the material and hold it up in front of the computer screen for the shopper to see.

Stores such as Lands' End have been breaking the mold with unique approaches to interacting with customers and have softened the line between the salesperson and the consumer with video conferencing. Shopping online becomes more personal when you can engage with someone on the other end of the screen and can potentially boost sales because of the vendor-to-consumer bond.

While Lands' End uses a one-way video and two-way audio approach, services such as MegaMeeting allow businesses to engage in an entirely multi-way conferencing session, whether between multiple employees or between employees and a client.

This technique can help to clarify questions and messages misinterpreted through online text. The ability to hear and see the customer service person answer a question can help the consumer fully understand the meaning through verbal and nonverbal communication.