Social Security Administration could use start using video conferencing

Tuesday, January 10 2012

Meetings with the Social Security Administration might soon be available from the comfort of home. Implementing video conferencing technology could mean that claimants meet with social security agents online instead of in person. This program could supplement programs the SSA already has in place that use video conferencing technology.

The previous program allowed retirees to contact an agent in another office through web conferencing rather than dealing with long wait times at a local branch. The SSA also uses video conferencing technology to hold internal meetings.

When retirees are filing for a reconsideration on a Supplemental Security Income claim, the SSA now has the technology to meet through a video conference. They SSA reports that scheduling a web conference can take less time than a hearing in person. A public use file from the agency's website shows that hearings were held via video conferencing as well as in-person in many states from October to November in 2011.

Furthering the use of the SSA's video conferencing programs holds the possibility of making meetings between retirees and agents easier and faster. Video conferencing services such as MegaMeeting that are browser-based could make it even simpler for individuals to attend meetings online.