Standardization and collaboration come to the video conferencing industry

Tuesday, June 7 2011

When new technology arrives on the market, one of the first problems that arises is the need for products from different companies to be able to interact with one another. For example, quite some time passed before software that could be used both on Macintosh computers and Windows-based PCs was available. Video conferencing technology, which uses quite a variety of devices and a number of different software applications, has lacked fundamental standardization until now.

This week, industry leaders announced the formation of the Open Visual Communications Consortium(OVCC) - an organization with the goal of standardizing smooth interaction between different web conferencing products. Of course, differentiation and competition will still be encouraged, but without proper oversight, technology like this could easily become segmented.

Forrester Research projects that video conferencing technology will represent a $14.5 billion industry by 2015. "OVCC is founded on the concept that open video services delivered in cross-carrier environments will enable open video communications to become as ubiquitous as open telephony services delivered in cross-carrier environments.", Forrester analyst Henry Dewing told Information Week.