Stay focused during video conferences

Wednesday, May 29 2013

Video conferencing software allows users to connects with correspondents around the world, but some professionals struggle to maintain their focus during interactive discussions. In internal meetings, some employees might grow bored and start opening other programs while their associates or superiors are speaking. Alternatively, consumer-facing workers might tune out when clients start leading the discussions.

Instant-messaging platforms are particularly distracting during video conferences. For instance, some participants might chat with each other while presenters run through their slide shows or users may converse with contacts about what's going on in the meeting. This is a troubling practice because the focus isn't solely on the actual conference. As a result, the discussion won't be that productive and might ultimately be a waste of time.

According to Inc. Magazine, video conference participants should only communicate with other attendees for the entire duration of the proceedings. Virtual meetings deserve the utmost attention so all software users must find ways to eliminate unnecessary distractions.

This starts by closing online chat applications and clicking out of social networks. While logging onto Facebook might seem harmless, chatting with your friends will take your attention away from the video conference.