Stay in control during a web conference

Tuesday, February 26 2013

Web conference attendees can share information on a vast array of topics with meeting participants. However, staying focused is sometimes an issue, especially for first-time presenters or audience members. 

The following tips can help you stay in control when using web conferencing tools.

1. Become an active listener - In a face-to-face meeting, moderators can instantly recognize the signs of inattentive listeners. These attendees may appear disinterested and bored and typically do not ask many questions.

By becoming an active listener, web meeting participants can maximize the value of the conference. Ask questions, take notes and become more involved to fully enjoy the meeting experience. 

2. Practice before the session - Audience members can prepare for a web conference to ensure that they fully understand the meeting's purpose. Review the agenda and consider what you would like to learn from the session before you enter the web meeting.

3. Avoid pitfalls - Distractions from noisy or cluttered environments can cause meeting participants to lose focus quickly. Turn off your cell phone and remove any potential distractions that could interfere with your performance in a web session in advance.