Stay quiet during video conferences

Thursday, May 30 2013

Video conferencing is meant to increase communication between far-flung professionals. When companies have satellite offices and remote employees, digital meeting applications can ensure that the entire staff can connect to review critical matters. Similar to in-person discussions, there's a certain decorum that participants must adhere to during virtual gatherings. Specifically, attendees must remain quiet unless they have the floor. 

In a live meeting, it's relatively easy to stay silent because you don't want to talk over the discussion leader. During video conferences, however, there's a slight temptation to speak with the people around you even though they aren't part of the gathering. 

This action is problematic because your computer's microphone registers almost every sound, according to Rockland Community College. As a result, conference participants will be able to hear you speaking with your co-worker and know that you aren't actively engaged with the topic at hand. Additionally, other noises will be picked up so attendees might distracted by all the commotion coming from your end. 

Ensure that you're a quiet area before logging into a video conference. Find a secluded office to eliminate background noise, and only speak when you want to add to the discussion or ask a question.