Staying in touch online easier with conferencing technology

Tuesday, July 17 2012

One of the leading benefits employers and other institutions cite when purchasing video conferencing tools is that they hope it will enhance the way people within their organizations communicate with one another. Those who have already acquired these tools and used them attest that they are in fact the greatest benefits web meetings have to offer.

The Catlin group, an insurance sales firm, adopted this technology specifically to meet with distant clients that might need to discuss serious issues on a regular basis. Rather than spend a considerable amount of money on regular travel expenses, the group purchased video conferencing technology, allowing agents to speak face-to-face with customers without ever leaving the office.

"The video and audio conferencing functions have made keeping in touch a lot easier for everyone at Catlin and these are services that we are rolling out globally," said the firm's operations manager James Stratford. "Now that we have them, I believe a lot of people would be lost without them."

Forbes reported that businesses adopting this technology not only connect better with customers but regularly save money on other expenses as well. Travel, building maintenance and incidental expenditures required for operating many offices can be eliminated when workers can communicate directly from the web with video conferencing, saving them and their employers in the end.