Storied film producer turns to online lectures

Thursday, June 14 2012

Teaching the intricacies of film production and creation is in many ways perfectly suited for video conferencing. The ability to fill a lecture with actual film clips and pertinent examples enables a lesson - even one attended from afar - to become much more than just a speech.

For one Oscar-winning film producer, these reasons made electronically delivering a series of lectures about film history a logical choice. David Puttnam, the Irish resident responsible for producing classic films such as Chariots of Fire and Midnight Express, will be lecturing students via web conferencing at universities across the country beginning in August, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

"The opportunity for interactivity, to impact, talk to and engage with universities you would never get to is colossal," he told the news source. "This has got to be the way to go."

The setup will allow Puttnam to teach multiple classes at once and could even someday be beamed into movie theaters.

Puttnam has spent much of his life since film producing - from which he retired in 1998 - immersed in education, according to the global education website Learning Without Frontiers. He has devoted himself to improving access to education and his latest venture could be another important step in that process.