Students connect to professionals via video conferencing

Monday, January 31 2011

Video conferencing has a number of applications, both personal and professional. It helps families and business partners stay in touch with one another, despite vast differences. And now video conferencing has found yet another use: Helping students connect with experts in their fields, no matter how far apart they may be.

Jeanette Roberts, dean of the University of Wisconsin - Madison School of Pharmacy, recently used video conferencing to connect with 35 high school students considering a career in the field, reports the Cap Times. Roberts answered student inquiries on everything from salary to schooling, all from miles away from the listeners, who were "attending" the virtual meeting from a variety of schools throughout Wisconsin.

The talks are part of a video conferencing intiative called Students and Leaders Network that operates on existing, affordable networks that link schools and libraries. The goal of the program is to help connect students with educators and leaders who can help guide them as they choose careers.

Wisconsin's School of Pharmacy offers undergraduate, professional and graduate degrees in Pharmacy and related fields, such as Pharmaceutical Sciences and Social and Administrative Sciences in Pharmacy.