Students discuss loans with President Obama

Monday, May 14 2012

When it comes to effecting policy change, one of the biggest obstacles is getting your voice heard. The increasing access of video conferencing technology, however, is working to change that.

With that in mind, a recent teleconference featuring speakers from the White House - including President Barack Obama - gave voice to a number of students from the University of Missouri-Saint Louis, who were also included in the online meeting, according to St. Louis Today.

The discussion of student loan interest rates - which are scheduled to increase on July 1 - is one of most important issues for college students, a group that has historically sometimes felt left out of the political process. The ability for a few of them to enunciate some of their worries via the online conference may have helped them feel as if they made some ground - especially with such a influential participant.

"This is something we can beat," Obama was quoted as saying during his presentation, according to St. Louis Today.

In addition to expanding the use of video conferencing for distance learning programs, educators at schools such as the University of Missouri-Saint Louis are finding new ways to leverage the technology for students' best interests.