Study abroad with video conferencing technology

Thursday, October 13 2011

Students study abroad in a number of amazing and exotic places. For many, it is the first time they've left the country, and the experience can be overwhelming. In order to remain grounded and in control, many individuals seek for ways to communicate with their loved ones back home. Furthermore, parents who allow their children to study in a foreign country sometimes become anxious after not hearing from them after a few days.

MegaMeeting helps families communicate no matter their geographic location. Students who are away from home can hold an online meeting on MegaMeeting's 100 percent browser-based service. From there, up to 16 individuals are able to join in on the fun and talk about events that have occurred since the last time each person spoke to one another.

Video conferencing is a tool that helps people remain connected. Sometimes life leads you in interesting directions. However, it is still nice to be able to communicate with the one's that you love. MegaMeeting and video conferencing help make that more of a possibility.