Successfully moderate a web conference

Thursday, March 28 2013

Web conferencing products are frequently used by big and small businesses worldwide. The solutions deliver significant benefits over extended periods of time, as clients and employees can use the platforms to share information with one another to develop strong partnerships. 

Moderators provide support during web meetings, but these professionals must understand their roles to effectively assist participants. The following list highlights how web meeting leaders can maintain control throughout these sessions. 

1. Establish rules in advance - First-time web conference attendees could have concerns or questions at the beginning of a meeting, and moderators can respond to these participants' queries promptly. Additionally, web meeting leaders who introduce attendees and establish guidelines help ensure that audience members can maximize the value of the conference. 

2. Be prepared - Moderators who fully understand the meeting's agenda can provide reliable support. Prepare for the session, arrive a few minutes early if possible and stay focused to deliver quality assistance to attendees.

3. Get feedback - Web conferences can always be improved, and moderators can send short questionnaires or surveys to audience members after the gathering. Use the feedback to enhance online meetings in the future.