Talking through online training made easier

Monday, July 2 2012

The convenience of online learning modules can greatly improve business productivity. However, sometimes an employee may encounter something he or she doesn't completely understand, and lacking a face-to-face interaction with a teacher could result in miscommunication and further frustration for remote workers. Having a way of talking to these distant learners is crucial for creating a cohesive workforce, even if some staff members only connect to the office via the Internet.

Investing in remote access

According to CNBC, more businesses are looking into remote workplaces as a solution for cutting costs. Spending money on video conferencing seems more reasonable to them than maintaining physical office space, as it costs less to have a dedicated media server than to house a dozen or more employees on a daily basis.

With this shift toward Internet office spaces, having a way to connect and share information, especially during training procedures, is critical. Human resources professionals will appreciate the facilitation of connecting visually and personally with other staff members even over long distances, with the use of internet conferencing through an online provider.

"Video conferencing is an obvious solution to assist HR business partners in achieving their goals," said IOCOM CEO Tim Hackett in a recent release. He stated that the focus of these individuals is more directed toward personnel amelioration than before, and video conferencing supplies these professionals with a tool to better balance these needs.

Job facilitation

The idea behind remote work, though, is still to cut costs, and using conference technology serves this need perfectly. Not only does the company enjoy a reduction in facilities management costs, it also doesn't have to worry about connected liabilities or damages, like weather or disaster preparedness. CNBC reported that nearly three-fourths of employers are looking to take this path with future hires thanks to these reasons, as well as the struggling economy and persistent unemployment numbers.

What's more, the initiative says money for employees. According to Biz Informer, Lifesize Magazine released a study showing 40 percent of workers could handle their jobs from the comfort of their homes, meaning there was no need to spend on office attire, meals on-the-go or transportation. Providing proof of savings for picking a particular employer can make a business more competitive when seeking the best candidates, and offering video conferencing proves that not only is the company interested in cutting expenses for everyone, it's also technologically savvy.