Targeting consumers easier with conferencing

Thursday, August 16 2012

Online technology has expanded the way people interact with one another, as well as how they shop. Consumers are more likely to go online and review prices and product information before they make a purchase, even if they're standing in a store looking at the item in question. Companies have picked up on this trend, spotting the benefits of web conferencing and marketing to increase revenue.

Business 2 Community highlighted the new insurgence of video online, stating that while people only retain about 10 percent of what they read, they hold onto about half of what they see. On top of that, eWeek wrote that more people than ever are going to source like DailyMotion and YouTube to find news and information about current events and interesting products.

A Pew research study published by eWeek found that people are taking it upon themselves to record events and product reviews, posting them on these online forums to help other citizens make informed decisions on everything from political choices to shopping trips. Companies trying to take advantage of online markets should use web conferencing and other video tools to show off the products and services they have to offer.