Teleconference held regarding U.S. housing trends

Monday, April 16 2012

Fitch Ratings, a major global ratings agency with over 50 offices worldwide, hosted a teleconference on Monday, April 16, 2012, explaining that initial industry data reveals the United States housing market is improving at an inconsistent rate.

The main goal of the video conference call was to discuss the most recent market data and the projected housing sector and builder trends for this year. Additionally, the teleconference addressed the stability of homebuilder credits as they showed positive signs for market recovery.

Video conferencing technology has found strong footing in many business models as it helps create a dynamic and cost efficient budget by eliminating expenses associated with unnecessary business travel. The technology remains affordable even as it continues to evolve, allowing funds to be reinvested elsewhere to strengthen areas within a company that could use the extra financial flexibility, such as sales or advertising.

Teleconferencing is one such way that businesses can make use of video conferencing technology as it can affordably and seamlessly connect industry leaders to discuss current trends and topics that require immediate attention.