Telehealth helping people in Scottish islands

Friday, March 4 2011

The Scottish Centre for Telehealth recently unveiled a videoconferencing project, linking the National Health Service for Greater Glasgow's neuropsychology center to a clinic in the Western Isles, according to the Stornoway Gazette.

The new service will allow patients in the Western Isles the ability to get consultation from specialists in the country's largest city. Dr. Susan Copstick, who is the clinical lead for the neuropsychology department, mentioned to the news source that she was very surprised at the effectiveness of the technology. She also explained that the high-quality videoconferencing connection to the remote islands will support improved access to services to patients who may not have the capabilities to travel extensively.

Eliminating the need to commute from the islands to the mainland is a major benefit for some patients, especially since neuropsychological assessments are often lengthy, the news outlet mentions. NHW Western Isles chief executive Gordon Jamieson, who was there for the unveiling and first link-up, approved of the videoconferencing technology. He explained to the news source that "the service was evaluated extremely positively by both the patients and staffs involved."