Telemedicine in prisons is born thanks to advancements in web conferencing technology.

Wednesday, July 13 2011

Prisoners can fall victim to disease just like the rest of humanity. It is immoral to deny them the right to see a doctor, but with rising costs of travel and inherent risks in transporting criminals to and from facilities, the use of telemedicine is becoming more popular in correctional environments.

Providing inmates with proper care while reducing costs in travel and other related expenses will prove to be a calculated step in the advancement of prisoner treatment. With an aging population in many prisons around the country, telemedicine will help prisoners receive advice on how to stay healthy while behind bars.

In addition to physical health services, web conferencing in prisons could provide similar services to those suffering from mental health diseases, too. In 2009, Illinois joined 26 other states in providing telemedicine to its prisoners.

Elsewhere, states are using web conferencing to replace in-person court visits for prisoners, which makes for another way to cut travel costs and reduce the risk that comes with transporting criminals.

Web conferencing is changing the way the world deals with communication by providing a platform for interactions that would normally have to be done in person. It is revolutionizing the world around us, and in this case, making it safer for society.