Telework Week saved employees close to $3 million

Wednesday, April 6 2011

Telework Exchange deemed National Telework Week a success, reporting that employees and businesses saved $2.7 million in commuting costs.

The event - which was held on the second week of February - encouraged employees to work at home and use technology like video conferencing as a means to do business as opposed to commuting to work. According to the company's website, 39,694 employees participated in the event.

Besides saving money on gas or commuting fees, employees also saved a total of 148,000 working hours that they would've otherwise wasted sitting in traffic.

According to, more companies and government agencies are becoming aware of and open to telework because the tools available for employees to work remotely these days are faster, making the process more streamlined for everyone.

Video conferencing technology, as well as other company network systems, are not only making it easier for staff members to work from their comfy couches, businesses are also finding that the programs are helping cut overhead costs when it comes to traveling and even office space.