Telework week 2012 encourages employees to save time and commuting costs

Monday, January 9 2012

From March 5 to 9, 2012, the Telework Exchange will host the second Telework week that encourages individuals, businesses and government agencies to skip the daily commute and work remotely from home using technology such as video conferencing.

This initiative is expected to reduce greenhouse emissions and save employees the cost of commuting. During last year's Telework week, participants that worked from home saved 1,818 tons of greenhouse gas emissions and $2.7 million in commuting costs.

Individuals participating in Telework week this year can explore the benefits of telecommuting through the use of video conferencing technology. Employees can still attend meetings that take place in the office without having to commute to work. Decreasing the number of cars on the road also reduces environmental impact, lessens rush hour traffic and cuts transportation costs for employees.

Web conferencing companies like MegaMeeting offer services that make it easy for businesses to support individuals participating in Telework week. Businesses can offer employees web conferencing services that are 100 percent browser-based. These services can make it possible for businesses to maintain face-to-face communication while improving efficiency and promoting environmental initiatives.