The advantages of desktop video conferencing

Tuesday, November 27 2012

Businesses rely on video conferencing software to connect employees with clients and colleagues around the world. Some companies dedicate boardrooms to digital meetings, so that participants aren't distracted by other workers and can clearly hear their conversation.

Business Insider writes that this practice is wholly inefficient. Companies are wasting valuable space and resources for meetings that usually only include a handful of people. These rooms could be better used for strategy sessions or on-site training with more participants.

Using a web application is a much more efficient means of holding remote meetings. Your staffers can sign in and and connect with anyone from their own computers, instead of taking up large rooms that could be used by more people.

The New York Times also writes that some businesses don't use the best security tactics when web conferencing in a boardroom. The newspaper recently wrote that security firms have found that some companies don't protect broadcasts and unwittingly grant access to hackers.

Browser-based conferences are much more secure. Many meeting applications have security features to guard against malicious code and external attacks, but on your own desktop you're using your firewall as well.