The advantages of video conferences for addiction therapy

Friday, November 30 2012

The medical community has been quick to adopt video conferencing software for multiple forms of treatment. Some rehabilitation facilities have begun using the technology to treat addictions and help patients overcome their dependencies on substances.

Patients can sometimes be intimidated by traditional therapeutic exercises, such as group sessions. Some people fear judgment and rejection from their peers and aren't willing to open themselves up emotionally and begin working toward solutions for their problems. With a web meeting, clients can still talk to counselors and sponsors without leaving their own homes.

Staying in a safe environment can be critical for recovery. Group video conferencing applications often allow users to limit how many people they see on screen, so a patient can not only stay at home, but also avoid the nervousness that's commonly felt when meeting new people.

Collaboration tools also make it easier to attend regular sessions. Instead of commuting to a rehab center or other locations, patients can simply log in from their computers or mobile devices. Being able to discuss progress through smartphones and tablets can be especially beneficial as some addicts need support when they're outside of controlled environments.