The benefits of cloud-based conferences

Tuesday, October 23 2012

Cloud-based services have made applications easier to access. Instead of manually downloading a program to multiple machines, the software can be opened from any device using an internet connection.

Web conferencing without locally stored files provides greater convenience for digital meetings. Video conferences used to rely on all parties having compatible software and if the programs did not sync, then the discussions could not take place.

Because these type of remote meetings are performed through web browsers, anyone is able to take part so long as they have an internet connection. This also means that different devices can be used to join web conferences as well. Tablets and smartphones can't download software from CDs, but they can access browser-based applications via wireless networks.

For businesses, this software may lead to increases in productivity. Not every employee has the same software at home as they do on their office computers, but signing in to web conferences through their browsers means workers can speak with coworkers and clients after the day has ended.

Meetings held online are more convenient than software-based conferences. These video conferences allow anyone to connect to multiple parties from any internet-ready device.