The cost benefits of video conferencing for attorneys

Friday, August 16 2013

Video conferencing technology is gaining popularity in every industry, but the legal field has been particularly quick to adopt the communications platform. This is mainly because of the high volume of meetings that attorneys must participate in on a regular basis. Lawyers frequently need to meet with client, colleagues, opposing counsel, judges and other officials, so their schedules fill up rather quickly. 

The American Bar Association recently pointed out that video conferencing is extremely beneficial to attorneys from a financial perspective. According to the news source, digital channels allow attorneys to complete meetings while simultaneously cutting overhead expenses for travel. Instead of having to drive to a courthouse or fly to speak with a client, an attorney can use his or her video conferencing software. 

This also allows attorneys to complete more meetings per day than usual. Because a representative won't have to lose valuable time traveling from one location to another, he or she can conduct additional conferences with other clients, which leads to higher profits. 

Video conferencing technology is a strong solution that can help attorneys run their practices more efficiently while also generating enhanced revenue.