The problems with colorful clothing and jewelry during video conferences

Thursday, June 20 2013

When using video conferencing software, employees are expected to dress professionally, but some everyday garments and accessories don't work well on camera. Workers have to be mindful of how they'll appear to other participants and ensure that their clothes won't distract from the scheduled proceedings. 

For your outfit, Georgia Regents University recommends avoiding bright colors like red and orange because they "can bleed on camera." This effect is caused by webcams that accentuate colors to ensure visual quality during broadcasts. GRU also notes that you shouldn't wear patterned tops because busy graphics will likely take focus away from the discussion. 

Additionally, jewelry should be taken off before the conference because light can reflect off accessories and cause on-screen glares for other viewers. Certain trinkets can also cause audible distractions as Inc. Magazine explains that noisy jewels can be heard by participants

While these tips may limit your clothing options for your video conference, the hints will help you choose an outfit that won't cause attendees to lose focus. Remember that the meeting is supposed to be a place to handle professional matters, not worry about fashion.