Three areas you should focus on when starting up a business

Wednesday, February 8 2012

As a founder of a startup company, your creative thinking, ability to innovate and motivation is not in question, but there are certain things you can do to make your business as professional as an established enterprise.

Website and mobile access
Though building a website to attract more viewers may seem like an obvious tactic, what may not be as obvious is the fact that the average smartphone user spends approximately 160 minutes per day on mobile applications and websites, according to Flurry Analytics. You should first focus on the main website to create an aesthetically pleasing and easily navigable interface, then hire a mobile solutions provider to transition that site onto mobile platforms. A study by The Nielsen Company reveals that 62 percent of people 25 to 34 own a smartphone.

Build your content on these websites
Aim to be a thought leader and thoroughly explain what you provide. Many times, a consumer may be able to find your website, but he or she may be unsure what exactly it is you do or sell. An effective search engine optimization strategy, along with informative articles in relation to your industry will attract people to your company.

Video and web conferences
Business affiliates and clients will appreciate the availability and efficiency of your company if you have installed video conferencing software and hardware. First of all, this negates the need to meet face-to-face with other business people, saving thousands per year on business flights and road trips. Second, you can get more done in one day. Instead of one major business meeting - which you may only have time for if it were face-to-face - you can have multiple meetings in a day.

Positive attitude
The odds aren't great for a start-up company. According to the Small Business Administration, approximately 51 percent of startup companies last beyond five years. It's okay to know these statistics, but don't harp on them. There's nothing you can do beyond doing the best you can. In order to get in that 51 percentile, you need to curb that negative attitude and think positively.