Three quarters of enterprises will be video conferencing in two years

Monday, May 16 2011

It seems that not so long ago, most off-site business meetings took place over the telephone. However, very quickly the world has shifted to a web-based mentality. With that mentality has emerged the web conferencing trend.

According to Information Week, an industry poll by CDW has found that 50 percent of enterprises currently use web conferencing technology. The organization projects that in only two years, that figure will rise to 75 percent.

In the course of collecting information for this survey, the researchers also asked executives and IT officials to speculate as to why more companies weren't jumping on this technological bandwagon. The answer seems to be that companies aren't convinced when it comes to the savings that video conferencing bestows. Many organizations that aren't large-scale see it as a novelty and not an investment.

What the report stresses is that web conferencing is an excellent investment with great returns. The benefits are significant, coming from savings on travel expenses, allowing for the collaboration of employees who are far away and making sure that problems are communicated swiftly and solutions implemented in a short time.