Tips for delivering a speech using video conferencing

Wednesday, July 13 2011

In the past, meetings between management and clients or employees were held in a personal setting. This face-to-face interaction reduced the possibility that members of the discussions could tune out or avoid participating. However, in many work settings today, it is becoming popular to hold daily meetings using web conferencing set up by companies that provide hi-tech equipment.

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Beyond providing the equipment, it is the speaker's job to keep the audience's attention. Any public speaking course can teach you how to better the odds that your message will be heard. However, many of them have never dealt with the transmission of a voice across a video screen.

Michael Crom, the executive vice president of Dale Carnegie Training, told The Californian that it is important to vary tone in your voice while delivering a message across a screen. As a listener, it is easy to become transfixed on the image and block out what is being said.

Crom suggests recording yourself the next time you are practicing for a speech. You will notice how easy it is to fade in and out while delivering information and you'll be conscious of it next time. It is important to remember to speak loudly and clearly because nowadays, you won't always be in the same room with whom you are speaking too.