Tips for practicing before a web conference

Thursday, December 27 2012

With web conferences, presenters can discuss important topics with staff members or clients from any location. Web conferencing enables presenters to deliver a wealth of information, but these speakers must ensure that they offer materials that are easy to understand.

Some presenters rehearse before web conferences to build confidence and gain experience with various programs and software. Consider the following practice areas to improve your web conference skills.

1. Tone - A speaker's tone of voice can influence how meeting attendees react to certain information. Review your materials in advance to ensure that you use the proper tone when discussing important topics.

2. Volume - Web conferences often require presenters to address numerous attendees, and speakers should evaluate their voices. Volume is important, so practice speaking into a microphone to become more comfortable with web conferencing tools before a meeting.

3. Pace - Speakers may need to deliver a wide collection of data, but these presenters must provide materials at a steady pace. Avoid speaking too fast or too slow and find the optimal speed with which to deliver information to attendees.