Tips for regular video conferences

Wednesday, December 19 2012

Some companies provide video conferencing software and equipment for employees, and workers can take full advantage by hosting regular online meetings. Staff members must understand how to set up periodic video conferences and effectively notify participants to maximize the value of these meetings.

Consider the following tips to establish regular web meetings.

1. Develop a schedule - Find a time for a video conference that fits participants' work schedules. Regular meetings can be held weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, so discuss the potential options with staff members in advance.

2. Create an agenda - Regular video conferences might involve certain topics such as discussions about workplace productivity or developing strategies to improve customer satisfaction, and agendas help staff members outline goals. Provide workers with agendas that make it easier for workers to follow discussion topics. Additionally, reach out to staff members for feedback about possible agenda items.

3. Send invitations - Many email programs enable users to set up automatic invitations or reminders that notify workers about meetings. Send these messages before every meeting to ensure that each participant can attend.