Tips for taking notes during a webinar

Thursday, January 31 2013

Diligence is essential for webinar presenters who want to take good notes. In fact, speakers who can effectively manage their web meetings can replicate their success by evaluating audience members' feedback and making adjustments for future gatherings. 

Check out the following tips to become an effective note taker during webinars. 

1. Pay attention to attendees - Active listening skills are critical for presenters, as these tools allow moderators to fully understand participants' comments. Listen closely when audience members speak and ask attendees for clarification if necessary. 

2. Keep your notes simple - It is nearly impossible to write down everything a participant mentions. Presenters can include short phrases in their notes to remember exactly what attendees said in a meeting. Additionally, notes can be handwritten or typed, so use a platform that is comfortable. 

3. Review notes throughout the meeting - Try to identify common themes among participants' discussion points if possible. For example, if the entire audience shares concerns about specific topics, speakers may need to alter this portion of the webinar in the future. 

With successful notes, presenters can develop presentation materials that are easy to understand and deliver a wealth of information to attendees.