Tips for testing video conferencing software

Thursday, January 24 2013

Video conference speakers have a wide range of information to share with participants and only a limited amount of time to complete their presentations. Testing video conferencing software in advance is valuable for moderators, as it ensures that employees can showcase quality displays during the meetings without going over their allotted time.  

Check out the following tips to test your web meeting software. 

1. Set a time limit - Audience members' schedules are important, and keep attendees' commitments in mind when you evaluate your presentation. Moderators need to highlight major themes to deliver a variety of information, and presenters can maximize the value of their meetings if they set a time limit in advance. Try to maintain a consistent pace and tone during the conference to meet attendees' expectations.  

2. Evaluate the camera and microphone - Video meeting equipment needs to be working for speakers to conduct successful gatherings. Test the camera and microphone and make sure that all equipment is set up properly before the video conference. 

3. Examine your content - Speakers may use charts, diagrams and graphs during web meetings and should review these visual aids to ensure the accuracy of the information they are providing. Supplementary content provides significant value to participants, so evaluate this information in advance to complete a successful presentation.