To be green or not to be green

Monday, November 7 2011

The push to be more green has turned into a requirement for many companies. The benefits of being considered an eco-friendly corporation can be seen in many parts of a business. For example, consumers form positive impressions of companies that initiate a recycling program.

There are a lot of ways to be more green in the workplace. One such method involves a reduction in the amount of needless travel. Businesses spend a large amount of money to transport employees to various parts of the world for business purposes. However, many of those trips can easily be avoided by incorporating video conferencing into the office.

MegaMeeting provides organizations with the capability to connect with up to 16 individuals at once, no matter their geographic location. When organizations are able to conduct important meetings without having to spend money on travel, they are able to allocate budgets elsewhere. Furthermore, they're significantly decreasing their contributions of pollutants into the atmosphere.

MegaMeeting is a 100 percent browser-based video conferencing tool that can effectively replace the need to travel long distances just to form a contract or save face. Companies can be more environmentally aware simply by forgoing unnecessary travel trips taken each year.