Top 7 things that are wrong with your webinars

Wednesday, September 4 2013
Top 7 things that are wrong with your webinars

Webinar software is only a beneficial resource if you're using it correctly. Unfortunately, it seems that many professionals don't understand how to conduct worthwhile webinars and wind up wasting everyone's time. 

Fortunately, the following list will keep you from making the same mistakes over and over again. Here's a look at the top seven things you're doing wrong with your webinar application. 

1. You're not recording
Recording a webinar is a best practice because you should save the online session for future reference. First, you want to be able to post the video so people who couldn't watch the live broadcast can still view the proceedings. Second, you should watch a webinar and take notes on how to improve, just like how football players watch game film. 

2. You wait to log on
There's nothing worse than logging into a webinar only to see that the presenter hasn't turned on his or her software. You have to go on a bit early because if you start late, your audience won't be happy. 

3. Stuffed slides
According to Marketing Blogger, slides with an abundance of information are awful to have during presentations. You have to remember that your audience is trying to listen to you and read slides so you can't write the great American novel on each one. Only include one or two sentences because the attention should be on your speech. 

4. A slow crawl
The news source also points out that a slow pace can basically kill a webinar. If you're not moving along quickly enough, you're likely boring your audience. Move briskly through your key points to keep viewers' attention. 

5. No hook
You should always finish with a bang, not a whimper. That's why all of your webinars need a hook so participants know what to do the moment your presentation ends. Consider asking a question to get people thinking or prompting everyone to reach out for further information. 

6. You're boring
Ever sit through a webinar where the speaker deliver a speech in the most boring fashion possible? Did you happen to see that when you watched the recording of your latest conference? If so, you have to find some ways to spice up your presentation. 

7. No questions
There's no point in holding a webinar if you aren't going to allow anyone to ask any questions. Participants likely need you to clear up confusing points so give the opportunity to ask anything they want.