Top three etiquette tips for video conferences

Monday, December 3 2012

Video conferencing helps business professionals interact with peers from across the globe, and even though the distance between participants can be significant, it's important for those involved to maintain good etiquette. There's only one chance to make a positive first impression, and you can get your online meeting started on the right foot with the following tips.

1. Set up your camera ahead of time - Ensure that your camera and microphone are properly functional by testing them before the conference. You'll want to make sure that you can easily be seen and heard, so set up these devices where there's plenty of lighting and minimal background noise.

2. Dress appropriately - Whether you're running a big or small business, your personal appearance can influence the way your company is viewed during a video conference. Dress for success by wearing an outfit that you would normally wear in a face-to-face meeting to increase your chances for success.

3. Be direct - If you have questions, be sure to ask a specific participant during the conference. Additionally, speak slowly and clearly, and keep the microphone a safe distance from your face to help reduce echo.