Transportation going green with video conferencing

Wednesday, January 11 2012

Centralizing communications centers and providing multiple video conferencing sites can help transportation fleets follow green initiatives.

Arla Foods, a global dairy company based out of the UK, has begun using video conferencing technology to improve efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint. The company, which used to require fleet drivers to debrief after a shift at one of many locations, has centralized. Drivers can now debrief using video conferencing technology to connect with the centralized location. Since drivers aren't traveling the extra miles to reach the sites, they are able to cut back on released emissions.

"Arla's overall target is to reduce its CO2 emissions by 34 percent by 2020, which is why we are using this management system to help us reduce our carbon footprint," transport project manager Graham Hirst told FleetNews in an interview.

The Colorado Department of Personnel & Administration has also put a Greening Fleet Management system into action that includes video conferencing sites. Drivers can attend an internet meeting from any location that has the video conferencing technology without traveling the extra distances to attend in person. By investing in web conferencing services like MegaMeeting, businesses in the transportation industry can reduce emissions output and avoid extra travel by meeting with drivers remotely.