U.S. universities offer students in Puerto Rico a chance to study through web conferencing

Friday, July 22 2011

For students aiming to receive higher education who live in locations where such resources are unavailable, the use of web conferencing in classrooms has provided a solution. In many parts of our own country, students are not always able to attend classes they wish to take. Either due to financial costs or the lack of reputable institutions, many students have found help in web conferencing.

In territories such as Puerto Rico, students are sometimes unable to receive a balanced education in certain fields of study. Recently, the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez signed an agreement with two universities in the U.S. to establish a collaborative doctoral program. This alliance will allow students to study at universities in the U.S. without having to leave Puerto Rico.

By being offered classes in this way, students are able to achieve success without having to relocate or spend more money to do so. This technology is extremely useful for those living in distant territories who want to extend their studies beyond what is offered in those areas.

MegaMeeting helps provide educational institutions with the technology they need to provide classes through web conferencing. In addition to reaching a broader student body, video conferencing gives institutions the ability to enroll more students without overcrowding their classrooms.