Understand your environment for a video conference

Monday, January 21 2013

A video conference enables participants to enjoy face-to-face meetings even if attendees are located miles apart, but the gatherings may sometimes seem challenging to first-time audience members. In fact, video conferencing software often fail to account for newcomers' environments, and these people may need to make minor adjustments to ensure that they can be seen and heard.

Check out the following tips to fully understand your environment before participating in a web meeting.

1. Review direct light sources - If you sit in front of a window, sunlight could enter the room and affect the video conference experience. Evaluate all light sources before the web meeting and test the balance, brightness and contrast of the camera image to avoid potential display issues during the gathering.

2. Examine background noise - An open door could allow excessive noise to enter the room during the meeting. Eliminate this problem by closing the door, turning off your cell phone and conducting the video conference in a quiet area.

3. Look out for glossy surfaces - A decorative mirror may look good in your office, but it could become a distraction during the meeting. Remove any glossy surfaces in advance to avoid unwanted distractions.